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Privacy Policies

This page describes the processing of personal data carried out when you use the services accessible from the site

Here you will understand:
Who processes your data, and for what reason
How your data is processed
To whom will your data be communicated
What are your rights, and how can you exercise them

Who processes your data
Data controller: NEWI S.r.l.s. with headquarters in Via Giudice Falcone 103, 97100 Ragusa, VAT number: 01767290883.

Contact details:

Data protection manager: NEWI s.r.l.s. (

Why do we process your data?
This section describes the purposes for which we process your personal data, together with a description of the legal bases that make this processing lawful. Remember that personal data means any information relating to you.
Website navigation [legal basis: legitimate interest, consent]
Website usage analysis. By consulting this website we acquire some information relating to the devices used and how the website is used. This data is acquired and processed based on the legitimate interest of the Owner to understand users' browsing habits, improve the site and to recognize users when they return to the website. The data is acquired mainly through the use of technical and analysis cookies.
Advertising and targeted targeting. There are some third-party plug-ins and cookies on the site that allow us to track users who visit the website in order to present advertisements and optimize their relevance based on the user's browsing preferences. These plug-ins and cookies are activated only after the user's consent, who can freely choose whether to accept or not through the cookie banner. For further information on the cookies and plug-ins used, please consult the Cookie Policy.
Purchasing and customer service [legal basis: contract, legal obligation]
Information and quote requests. Through the website it is possible to obtain information and quotes, for which we process some personal data obtained through online forms, such as name, contact details and any communication (including via e-mail). These data are necessary to respond to the requests received, due to the pre-contractual measures requested by the user.

Customer area registration. Customers can choose to register in the reserved area to proceed with purchases on the site and to request any tax breaks. The data acquired through the registration form are processed to create the user account and to allow all subsequent activities that can be provided through the site, based on the pre-contractual or contractual measures requested by the user. The communication of data marked with an asterisk (*) is mandatory for the receipt of the requested services. Any refusal to indicate the personal data marked with an asterisk could make it impossible to complete the registration phase or execute the contract for the purchase of products on the site, or to use the services available on the site.


Purchases and shipments.

When users purchase products from the website, some data relating to the cart and the selected products are acquired, such as quantity and price. Data relating to the shipping address and any other information necessary to deliver the purchased products will also be processed. No data relating to payment methods or transactions are processed, except as necessary to connect the user to their preferred payment instruments (such as Paypal). These data are processed pursuant to the contract concluded between Deghi and the customer.

Favorite products. Registered users can choose to add some items to the wishlist. This information is stored to allow the user to keep track of his favorite products. With the user's consent, this data may also be used to send promotional communications or discounts regarding the selected items.


Customer support.

Some personal customer data are processed through our customer service, such as registration data or products purchased. This data is processed pursuant to the contract concluded between Deghi and the customer to resolve the technical problems encountered.

Tax breaks. In the event of a request for tax breaks, the data required by law will be processed in order to verify the right to obtain them, such as building records, self-certifications and identity documents. In the event that tax breaks for disabled people are requested (law 104/1992), data relating to the health conditions of the interested party will be processed, due to the relevant public interest in the protection of disabilities and the customer's request.

Tax and regulatory compliance. Customers' personal data are also processed to ensure compliance with all regulatory obligations within the sales contract and any related activity.

Communications and newsletters [legal basis: legitimate interest, consent]

Promotional communications.

With your consent, some contact data (email, telephone number) may be processed to send periodic promotional communications about our products. Consent must be free and optional, and may be revoked at any time.


This section describes the way in which your data is processed, indicating the categories of subjects who have access or to whom they are communicated, and the storage criteria.

RECIPIENTS Some personal data is accessible by subjects who contribute to the provision of the services necessary for the functioning of the website, such as:
Siteground (site development and maintenance)

Aruba (hosting)
Aruba Business (hosting)
Code (technical assistance and maintenance)
Couriers and freight forwarders
Some data may also be communicated to public entities and bodies, in compliance with legal obligations or to comply with specific requests from judicial authorities. The data processed by NEWI are in any case accessible to authorized employees during their duties.

Data retention
The data relating to the purchase of products on the website will be kept for 10 years from the time of purchase in compliance with the limitation periods established by law. The contact data relating to promotional communications and newsletters will be stored in the marketing lists until consent is revoked by the interested party. In general, all data will be kept only for the time necessary to respond to customer requests or to execute the purchase and sale contract and shipment of the purchased products.


Your rights
European data protection law (“GDPR”) provides a number of rights you can exercise to take control of your data. To exercise your rights you can write to

We are required to respond within 30 days of receiving your request, and will try to be as quick as possible.

Right of access: you have the right to obtain information regarding the processing of personal data concerning you, obtain access and copy it also through commonly used electronic means. We undertake to provide you with an account of the data we have in our possession, such as your personal data, contact details, or requests received via contact form or email.

Right of rectification: you have the right to obtain the updating, integration or rectification of your data. If you believe that your information is in any way incorrect or out of date, please contact us – we will do our best to resolve the matter.

Right of portability: if you want, you can request the portability of your data processed for the execution of the contract or on the basis of your consent.

Right of cancellation: if you are interested, you have the right to request the cancellation of your data. We want to put you in control of your data. In some cases you can ask us for direct cancellation, and we will take care of proceeding as quickly as possible. However, be aware that not all data can be deleted upon request, because it may be necessary to comply with legal obligations or because it is still in use.

Right of limitation and opposition: You have the right to request the limitation of processing or to object, in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data concerning you, including for marketing purposes. When you request the limitation of processing we are required to suspend, for a certain period of time, any further processing of your data. When you decide to object to the processing, you can unilaterally decide to opt out of a certain type of processing of your data, for example to disable analysis cookies.

Right to complain: if you believe that one or more processing activities carried out by us may be in violation of the law, or you believe that your rights have not been protected, you can send a complaint to the Guarantor Authority.

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