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il cuscino che protegge il corpo durante il relax

the shielding

pillo-w the cushion that shields from radio waves emitted by portable devices
pillo-w the cushion that shields from radio waves emitted by portable devices

Choose the PILLO-W shielding cushion in two colors.

Bring a soft shield into your home.

Pleasant velvet on the outside and shielding fabric on the inside to protect you while using your portable devices.

What is PILLO-W

PILLO-W is the shielding cushion that protects you from the radio waves emitted by your devices.Use it comfortably during your relax; it will offer you a comfortable posture, support for your hands and, above all, shielding from electromagnetic waves for greater safety.

pillo-w protegge i giovani durante l'uso prolungato dei device potrtatili
shielding the body from radio waves emitted by portable devices

The advantages of using  PILLO-W

PILLO-W does 3 things together:

1) distances you from your portable device when you use it while relaxing

2) gives you soft support for your hands and arms

3) mainly PILLO-W shields you from the radio waves produced by your portable device

Some useful tips:

- in most smartphones the antenna is located in the lower area, the part of the device that we bring close to our body.

- if you do not use PILLO-W, we recommend that you always keep the smartphone antenna away from your body.

- there are still no medical studies that confirm the increase in pathologies caused by an increase in the use of portable devices, but being cautious is important for a wellness lifestyle.

- use PILLO-W during your relaxation, it will distance you from your portable device, give you a comfortable posture, soft support for your arms and shielding from radio waves.

is made

The materials used to make PILLO-W are all hypoallergenic.
Three layers of SGS certified shielding fabric blocks most of the electromagnetic waves which will be less invasive for the user of the portable device.

Here Certifications

pillo-w scherma il corpo della donna e dell'uomo dalle onde radio. un cuscino da tenere sempre in casa

Use PILLO-W in your relaxation

PILLO-W wants to protect the whole family from the effects of electromagnetic waves generated by the portable davices we use frequently.
Using PILLO-W will be
a good habit at any age.

pillo w w w without cushions blu.jpg

Contact us

We will give you the information you want about PILLO-W and its use.

Grazie per averci contattato, ti risponderemo al più; presto!

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Pillo-w shop is an online shop of the company Newi srls, manufacturer of the PILLO-W shielding pillow.

PILLO-W is a European registered trademark.

The PILLO-W shielding cushion is a made in Italy Patent.

PILLO-W is produced and distributed by NEWI srls.

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